Sunday Snaps

What a crazy week!! It really flew by too! I spent my week teaching kids painting and drawing at NSCAD as part of a summer camp program and I had lots of fun! I must say the first day was extremely hectic for me because I really had no idea what I was in for! I had alot planned going into it, and I actually ended up re-arranging and re-doing my entire lesson plan at the end of each day. I had to adapt quickly, and change things up so that the kids stayed interested and excited about the projects we were doing. Somehow I managed to pull it off!! It was a really great learning experience, and it kept me on my toes! I am already signed up for another teaching gig in the fall for Christmas Crafts with little ones, ages 5-7. Should be fun!! (I love Christmas Crafts).

I had zero time to work on anything of my own these past weeks, but I am feeling super inspired by my class! I am ready to get back into painting! I had been practicing my perspective drawing over and over again, thinking I could show the class what it’s all about. I actually never ended up teaching them perspective, but I did teach myself. I went all through high school and art school, somehow never really getting a grip on perspective drawing, mostly because I really wasn’t into it. The more I practiced at home, the more I began to enjoy drawing little imaginary cities. Here is a little sketch I drew waiting for the bus/on the bus one night on my way to a friend’s house:

So I’m feeling inspired to do some really awesome colourful, exciting paintings….I think I’ll hit up the art store tomorrow on the way home from work!

It’s been so beautiful here in Halifax lately!! I love it! It’s full on summertime now! I’m getting excited for all of the events that are coming up! I am going to an Arcade Fire show this week, then heading to PEI this weekend for a family golf tournament, THEN a Broken Social Scene concert, and thennnn the grand finally, a trip to Florida/Universal with my family and boyfriend! I’m so excited! It’s turning out to be a great summer indeed!
I hope yours is going well too!!
That’s it for today…I think it’s time to read, sketch, or watch a movie. I love Sundays.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching ! First rule of teaching – have a plan. Second rule of teaching – be ready to improvise/throw plan out the window. My wife is the art teacher at our secondary school. Her web page – – has two point perspective activity as well other activities and lessons you my find useful.

    • That’s awesome! Thank you so much!
      Teaching was such a challenge….I worked for about two weeks on my lesson plan, and like you said, basically threw the entire thing out the window once I realized that what I had planned was not at all what 9-11 year olds like to do! It was a great learning experience though. It really kept me on my toes!! 🙂 Thanks for the link I will check it out!

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