Music+Art=Food for Creativity!

The weekend is back again! Wahoo!
So far so good. Last night was a very special night I’m sure I’ll never forget! I didn’t bring my camera…so excuse the lack of photos, but I really wanted to be able to be in the moment and enjoy the beautiful music of a Halifax band called Gypsophilia. I had the very special opportunity to see this band play aboard the Tall Ship Silva last night as it took us on a tour around the Halifax Harbour. It was a beautiful night, beautiful music, people were dancing and stomping and singing on the boat. It was just magical! If have never heard Gypsophilia please check out their music!! It’s just so jazzy, and snappy, and everything good!!

This week was Shawn’s 27th Birthday….how did this happen already? I remember when we used to talk about what we’d be doing when we were 25…..seriously, where does the time go?
I threw a little party on the deck to celebrate, and many of our lovely friends showed up! It was a beautiful week here in Halifax, sunny and hot!!
I spent a big chunk of my morning prepping for my class that starts after next week! I’m workin’ real hard on it! I am trying to make it as cool as possible!! As I was putting together some slide shows, I came across these beautifully summery drawings by Oscar Kokoschka. Aren’t they great??

I feel like I am collecting alot of inspiration from my research, and I have come across some amazing artists that I never new before! It’s so exciting! I feel like I’m ready to get back to work painting and drawing. The combination of all of the live music I have set up to see this summer, and all of the art I’ve been checking out are real energy boosters. What inspires you??

I’m off to do some exciting chores….and then, if the rain lets up a little, I’m going to explore a Lebanese Festival for dinner. Should be delish!
Have a good Saturday!

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