Saturday Snaps


So far it’s been a beautiful Canada Day long weekend here in Halifax! Usually I don’t post pictures of the weekend until Sunday, but since the weekend started on Friday, I already have a bazillion and one photos to post! Picture overload!
It’s a happening weekend! Yesterday was full of beautiful hot sunshine, chip truck fries, patio drinks, a little shoppin, a bbq on my deck with more long weekend drinks, and finally some fireworks on the waterfront! I also was out to Karaoke on Thursday night, and managed to get up and sing a little Whitney Houston. Action packed!!There is actually more fun to come, because in a few hours I am off to the Multicultural festival which takes place down by the waterfront. I’ve never been, but I hear there is amazing food, dancing, music, and hand made things! I am pretty pumped! It’s also another beautiful sunny day! Hoorah!

Haven’t posted much painting or drawing lately…I’ve been busy working on ideas for the class I am going to be teaching in just a few weeks!! I’m wracking my brains trying to think up fun ideas and projects I can do with my group of kids! I am really excited to be teaching though, I love being around kids and paint. It should be a really great experience!

Anyways, for now, please go and enjoy the rest of your weekend! (hopefully yours is as long as mine??) Some weekend pics for you…

Ok happy weekend!


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