little experiments

Hey Wednesday,

Today was brilliant! Started with a sun filled early morning bike ride, followed by some watercolour experiments! At lunch I attended an image transfer workshop which was lots of fun!
Here are the day’s results!

(I think the succulents still need some practice, but it was fun learning new things with watercolour!)
Image transfer of MJ…I am attending a tribute party this Saturday, and I think this may be a prize for best dance moves

and…some random snaps….

C’est tout! I am off to the park again!

5 thoughts on “little experiments

  1. COOL! I like the kitty photos 😀 they are so little! did you take my bike out?! 😀 YAY perfect day for a bike ride!

  2. i want the priiiiiiiize!!!!! i think we should consider having a long distance prize as well as in-house.
    it could even be a succulent watercolor…… he he heeee!!!!!!

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