Deck DIY

What an awesome Saturday!
So sunny here in Halifax today. I spent the day walking around town, eating indian food, ice cream, buying flowers, and renovating my deck! It’s a perfect day for a BBQ and my deck needed some sprucing up.

This is the before shot:


My first stop was the dollar store. They have amazing stuff there if you need any patio accesories. Our deck is a story up from ground level, and we have all kinds of neighbors around so to add some privacy I bought some plastic table cloths and covered up the inside.I also found some cute citronella candles, and a cool little pink lantern!

My major find of the day with was also FREE! Was an awesome folding chair and table! It’s a little smaller than what we are looking for but it’s lovely and it will do for now! I freaked when I saw it on the side of the street!! This weekend around town we have what is called “FREE STUFF DAY!”. People put all kinds of their stuff out to the curb so others can route through and find stuff they need or want! This is probably one of my favourite times of year. You can find all kinds of awesome stuff. In fact, most of the things in my home were free! I am a good thrifter, and scouter.

I took a trip over to the garden centre and picked out some lovely flowers for my flowerpots, and voila! Deck redone! I think I only spent maybe $30 total. I’m feelin’ good and ready for some wine and burgers!


Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday night!


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