whacky wednesdays

Wednesdays can really play tricks on me!
It is such a beautiful day here in Halifax, and I only went outside to walk to yoga and back! I was busy inside working on a few things at my art desk. When I was done with those I was totally stumped and felt lost! The usual. Last night I tossed and turned…I think I’m starting to stress out a little about whats going on with my life! It’s funny at first I thought it would be so lovely to have so much time to make artwork, and now feel like I’m drowning! Help! Sometimes it’s so hard to believe in yourself and your abilities. Maybe it’s time to try something new. I know that the only thing in my way is me! So it’s time to get on with it! How do you stay inspired?

OK…some more fun things…(hopefully you enjoy hearing about my garden as much as I love writing and photographing about it). The first little cilantro leaves grew on my cilantro sprouts outside! They are tiny and cute:

And, last night Shawn picked some Lilac for me…one of my fav summer flowers. YUM. I sniff it every time I walk by. So nice!

(Potato says Hi!)

Hope you Wednesday is going so well!


One thought on “whacky wednesdays

  1. Happy Wednesday!!!!! Oooh those good ole hump days!
    This was so welcome after a hard day’s work…all those things I love, like ice cream and gardens and kitties and ART!

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