all the little ghosts in your head

Happy Saturday to you!It seems like every week for the past few weeks there is something wrong with me. Let’s just lay it out here.
Week 1: Serious back pain (I think it was wry neck). I couldn’t move for at least two days.

Week2: Short lived cold that ruined my weekend.
Week 3: Some kind of jaw/tooth problem…I can’t eat anything but soup!

So week three of ailments seems kind of more serious than the previous two weeks. I haven’t seen a doc or a dentist yet (I think I am in denial) but I will be going shortly as soon as there is someone who can accompany me to hold my hand. Sheesh. It makes me feel pretty blue when all of these health issues just crop up all at once. Annnyways…to get myself feeling good, I spent alot of the day working on some ghosts that I have been doodling over the week. I really got into them this afternoon, obsessively drawing page after page. I wonder how long this ghost kick will last?

Copyright Bryanna Chapeskie 2011


Have yourself a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “all the little ghosts in your head

  1. Love the ghost drawings, the little ghosts inside the mouth one. Haha. Clever.

    Hope the tooth/mouth thing goes away soon!

  2. I do believe those are my favoritist of ghosts I have ever seen!!! (and I’ve met a few!)

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