Sunday Snaps

Today was the first beautiful day that Halifax has seen since last summer. I swear. It was hot, sunny, and a perfect breeze. I took a long stroll in the park, and lay in the grass and soaked it all in. I felt like I was on vacation. I played with the chipmunks, and smiled at the dogs, and stopped to look at all of the growing things, and the blooming trees. I listened to the wind, and the water. Ate popsicles, and talked to some kitties, and dreamed about living in one of the many beautiful houses on the walk there and back. It was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday.  Hope yours was just as enjoyable.

Just a friendly reminder about walks: If you are ever feeling confused or overwhelmed with a thousand questions, and feel like you are losing direction, just take a walk. Somehow it has the ability to put some clarity back into your life with every step.

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