Wednesday Afternoon Experiments

Hey hey artfans! Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday.

Do you have a noisy brain? I feel like every morning as I’m going through the usual routine that my brain is racing full of random thoughts and ideas. Today’s morning mix included, but was not limited to: the elephant man, breakfast, money, Steve Urkel, time, yoga class. Most of the time I just let it reel because I am so used to it, but sometimes I realize what is going on in my brain and I try to stop and focus. No wonder I am so forgetful!

I recently started going to yoga class and it’s helping me learn to focus. One thing I keep repeating to myself is to pay attention to yourself and not your neighbor. Stay focused on your path, and don’t get sidetracked by paying too much attention to what others are doing! I strive to get to a point where I can start to understand more about myself by just focusing on who I am and what I like. It’s so easy to get distracted and in turn become confused about what the heck it was you were doing in the first place!!

So today’s project was to get a good drawing of Steve Urkel done, and make a little watercolour representation. I managed to get a good sketch, but I’m not totally convinced by my watercolour attempt. It was fun though!

doesn’t look quite like him to me…oh well. There’s always tomorrow!
My other challenge of the day was to sit at my art desk from 10-4. I was there from 10-3:30…and it wasn’t easy! It’s pretty essential to just keep working through your day though, no matter how draining and long it can get. The longer you stay put, the more chances there are of creating something decent. Phewf! So I kept plugging away, made some very strange things…

C’est tout! I’m off to Yoga class!

PS-I am pretty pumped about this:
if you are in Halifax and looking to get creative this summer please check out NSCAD’s school of extended studies! There are classes for eeeeveryone!

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