art in the park

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog I’m sure by now that you know my love for plants and flowers. Today I visited the Public Gardens, and saw some lovely flowers and buds. Even though it is quite grey out, it was nice to take a stroll. The bright tulips gave me a sunny disposition! I love plant life, and to me seeds are so magical. Think about it! A tiny little seed given soil, water, and sunlight can grow into just about anything you can think of! (except for a new bike…unfortunately). I’m really thinking of getting into artwork inspired by seeds, and growth, and plant life. It’s very metaphorical, and magical! There is nothing like the feeling of planting your own seeds and watching them grow. I noticed this week that the purple basil seeds that my dear friend Nadia mailed to me have started to sprout into beautiful deep purple babies. I can’t wait to watch them grow! Calling Mr. Sun to help them along! Do you think a call to him is long distance? I’d pay quite a bit to have a quick chat with him about the dreary weather here in the East.
Please enjoy these Saturday Snaps!

Happy Saturday!

8 thoughts on “art in the park

    • Oh me too! I think the reason I take so many photos is because I know I won’t be able to replicate what I see in any another medium. I take my inspiration from the colours and shapes though and usually that ends up somewhere in my paintings and drawings.

  1. These are amazing Bryanna.

    I wish we had a park like this in Summerside. Whenever we visit Halifax that is always a place I love love love to visit. So serene. And I LOVE DUCKS!

    • Yea! The best part is that it’s still early! The park gets better and better as the summer goes on. My fav is watching the huuuge rhododendron tree’s bloom into giant pink clouds!!

  2. I miss the gardens and those ducks! The giant ones! Or were those geese? Nurse those little babies, sending some sunshine your way!

    • Thanks for sending it! We have received sun in the East finally! I’m going back to the park right now to watch the ducks and eat ice cream!!

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