musical art

Sometimes I wonder if I love music more than I do art. It’s a huge part of my life, and I don’t know what I would do without it!
Over the weekend I stopped in at a local record store called TAZ Records, and once again found myself lost in the album covers. I could flip through stacks of records all day! Some of the covers just made me giddy!
Here are a few of my favs that I found

Absolulte #1 favorite cover of the day is Little Richard’s The Second Coming. I wish this image was larger. I am pretty sure I am going to go back to get this album.
A few of my favs I discovered were created by Warhol…

And although I am not a Pink Floyd girl, I can’t get over Storm Thorgerson’s funky photography…

Now if only I had a record player to play my records on….

Happy Wednesday, and maybe consider doing a sun chant today if you are as over it as I am with the grey skies.

PS-If you are looking for some good tunes check out Night Surf!

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