Lisa Congdon

Today’s featured artist is Lisa Congdon. I came across her work on a site I love to visit called The Fox Is Black. I am really into her lively colourful paintings, as well as her collections. Lisa has published a book called A Collection A Day which is a really cool book of photographs of collections of specific kinds of things in groups. I love how these little photographed collections become really beautiful compositions. I have always been a fan of looking at the differences between many objects of the same variety, and so I love to take my time looking at each object and compare it to the next in this book. Take a look at the work below and please visit Lisa’s website!. You can also purchase prints in her etsy shop!.
Happy Monday!

One thought on “Lisa Congdon

  1. Never heard of her before now but she has some interesting work. A few years back a gal in Houston bought a painting at a flea market for $6 it turned out to be a lost work of a American artist worth 24 million dollars. She has some neat Americana in her work. Nice blog. Today I’ve added another article on my blog also.

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