floral saturday

I spent my morning painting some beautiful parrot tulips that were rescued from the garbage at work! I love the pink and green combo on these delicate blooms. The edges of the petals are my favorite part! Fun to paint and draw too. I love a good edge!

After what seems to have been an eternity of gloom, the sun is weaving in and out of the clouds today! I need to get away from my art desk for a bit and enjoy the weather! It’s really hard for me to sit down for long periods of time, especially when I am arting. Anyone else out there have that problem? Every 15 or 20 minutes I get up and run around the house, or leave my desk for five minutes and do something else. I can’t paint straight through! I think its good to leave and come back with fresh eyes, sometimes you see things a little differently after a break.
Here is a little sketch I drew of an imaginary bouquet (would make a great tattoo..)

I decided that I am going to give a solid effort this summer to selling my artwork! If anyone has any interest in any work they see let me know! Send me an email! I will also take commissions, and can create custom works!

a few other snaps from today…

PS-Things are starting to grow!!!

I was getting worried..I planted these a month ago! Finally sprouting!

4 thoughts on “floral saturday

  1. Lovely!

    I am thinking I need some flowers soon to liven the place up.

    Really cute picture of Potato!

    Also, what photo editing tool do you use?

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