Dear Saturday

I thought you were going to bring sun. Of course you let me down! I guess it’s still early…it could clear up.

Due to two weeks of rain and grey skies, my mind has gone a little grey too! Yesterday I could barely function at work! I’ve been busy working at The Flower Shop, and loving it! It’s nice to be back with the flowers again! On Wednesday we got a few of my favs….
I love those little green yoko onos. They are the best. Next to Dahlias, which are not pictured here. I can’t wait til late summer when the market is full of beautiful Dahlias!

I haven’t managed to do much arting lately since I’ve been busy at work! After next week I will be back to part time work, and will have lots of time to art around. My plan is to draw and paint as much as possible this summer and try to sell my work to help save money for a trip to Florida this summer with my family. I also will need a little extra income to keep me going, so if you are interested in contacting me about custom work email me! I am up for any challenge! No project too small (or too big..unless I can’t get it out of my front door)!

Here are some strange things I drew last night when me and Shawn were talking about Mountain People…sort of a funny idea we kicked around for a minute or two…

…lastly…there is nothing better than a happy accident. Today I cracked to eggs into a pan and got THIS! Broken heart scrambled eggs!

I hope it’s not a sign…sometimes I take things like this a little too seriously.

and…a cat picture for good measure. This is Geddy, one of five or six neighborhood cats that come by my sister’s yard on a daily basis. I love them.

I am off to help my friend Charley move into her home! Happy Saturday to you!

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