Productive day and it’s only 1pm!

Today I turn 26, and so I thought since I have the day off, that I should pack everything I like to do into one day.

I started out by waking up earlier than usual, and making myself a giant breakfast that included bacon. YUM! What a treeeat!

I applied for a teaching job! Then…I spent some time at my art desk. April is a huge month for birthday’s. I share my birthday with my twin sister, annnnd almost my little sister (she was due the same day, but she arrived a few days later!). I spent some time making some last minute birthday cards.

Then I thought I would pot all of my little seeds for my garden and repot/resoil and rip out weeds from some of my studio plants. They look so new and happy now!

Next step…maybe check out the Public Gardens…since they magically have decided to make today their opening day, and then I’m off to Q’s for some amazing BBQ meal and beers. If you are in Halifax and haven’t been to Q’s on Argyle street I highly recommend it. The prices are unreal and the food is out of this world. Seriously. Go there. Now.

some other doodles and randomness…

…potato thinks she is a craft supply.

Happy Wednesday!

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