I am a collector of crap. I keep scraps. I keep brown paper bags to use as drawing paper. I keep weird pieces of thread, and lose googly eyes. I have a collection of random fabrics, and construction paper, and confetti.

I don’t think I’ve gotten to the hoarder stage yet. But I do have alot of craft junk. I taught a few art lessons in my studio once and one of the girls told me that I have a dream apartment because I have so many art supplies at my fingertips. Sometimes I forget how good my collection of stuff is!

Looks like I’m making a little comeback into paper cutouts. I’m not sure what I made today, but at least I sat down at my desk. It seemed like it was going to be a major feat today for me. Once I started drawing and cutting I forgot about everything else. So I think I won in the end. Focusing on making something can be really calming and meditative. Even if the end result is not a masterpiece it still counts because you put all of your energy into something for a while, and let go of whatever was eating you up before you sat down and settled in.

Plus! These weird little experimentation usually start to manifest into something bigger later on. They are always a step to something else! No time is wasted!

As I was cutting and pasting I sort of by accident cut out these little sharp feet, and they reminded me of an armadillo. Then I thought, “I feel like an armadillo today”.¬† Armadillos are pretty cool if you don’t know! They have a huge protective shell around them, and they are so tiny and fragile on the inside! The can roll up into a tiny ball to protect themselves from predators and the outside world! I drew this little armadillo. I am pretty sure I will start on a collage armadillo tomorrow. I really wish I could find one and pet him! They have so many textures on their shells!

Well…It was fun messing around with shape and colour! I think I might go outside and enjoy the sun for the afternoon. Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “cut+paste

  1. ARMADILLOS ROCK MY SOCKS OFF! who else do i know that would have the thought,“i feel like an armadillo today“, but you!!!! i love the paper cutouts. theyre so magical!

  2. Super duper cutouts, dude! I especially love the pieces cut out of your palette testers. I always wanted to find something creative to do with all the little pieces of paper I test my colours on when I make watercolours. I have all of them saved!

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