Pysanky-Panky: Ukranian Eggs Phase II

My wonderful weekend involved watching fantasia, a sandwich/psychic reading party, and of course Ukrainian Egg Phase II.

Today the CCC’s came over to my place and got to work on a seriously challenging craft session. Turns out that Ukrainian eggs are majorly (MAJORLY) difficult. It actually brought me back to my days in intro Jewelery at NSCAD. I struggled the entire way through that course, and I was absolutely terrified of the giant buffing machine. I would avoid that thing at all costs. I think I might have even asked a classmate or two if they wouldn’t mind buffing my finished pieces. I wonder sometimes..maybe I am not meant to work on tiny little delicate things. I am not good at making perfect designs and lines. I hate measuring and planing. I am more of a freestyle kind of girl. So maybe that’s why I had such a hard time with these eggs.

I haven’t made Ukranian eggs since I was in fourth grade and I’m pretty sure the egg I made in fourth grade was eight-hundred times better than the eggs I produced today!! I guess when you are trying something so different and new you are bound to make a bajillion+one mistakes!

note the frustration in Daniel's eyes..and I think Brian is saying something like "TOO MUCH WAX!!!". Mind your own beeswax Brian!!


I lose patience with myself pretty easily if I can’t get it right on the first go. A major shortcoming of mine. I’m workin’ on it!! I think I will force myself to sit down and make more eggs. Things like this are a good test of my patience. I know that someday I will produce a great looking Ukrainian Egg!!

they aren't SO bad???


We had some dye trouble, an raw egg exploded in my mouth, and alot of our eggs got burned. Yikes! It was a frustrating kind of fun. Or did I mean to say frustrating, and…kind of fun? Good Sunday afternoon had by all! The chocolates helped ease my crankiness I think.

...potato gets pumped for new craft projects.


C’est tout. Weekend complete. Tomorrow I will make a giant omelet.

2 thoughts on “Pysanky-Panky: Ukranian Eggs Phase II

  1. That looks like fun, my mom has a ton of these eggs. She collects. They are so pretty, would love to know how to do them! Also, potato is so cute, as always!

  2. We don’t blow the raw egg out of the shells. We blow them out after… or some of us are lazy and never blow them out. If they don’t have a gloss coat on them, they dry out inside after a few months, then they can be coated.

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