Blow Out! Ukrainian Eggs Phase I

It’s been a funny week that’s for sure. I’m not even sure how I spent most of my days. I hate weeks like that!
I did a little experimentation this week in my studio. I went out and bought some old frames and brought them home to stew about them. I started working a little bit with one of the frames. I’m going to experiment with depth and shadow etc. and see what turns out.

I’m returning to light and shadow and cutouts! I am into it. I use to make cutouts all day long and mess around with them on projectors and with lights and on paintings. I keep thinking about these weird little artworks that my parents used to have that were in tiny frames like the one I bought. They were drawings layered on top of one another. I always thought they were so cool. I might try to do something like that with these frames.

Today I went to the hobby shop and bought a Ukrainian Egg kit! I am REALLY excited to work on my eggs tomorrow with the Craft Collective! I spent about 40 minutes today blowing out eggs…it was hard work.

I think the trick is to make the hole that is not the blowing hole big enough! At first I had the tiniest little holes, but it’s too hard! After one broken egg, one cracked egg, and one blown out egg that smashed to the floor, (I WAS MAD!!) I started to get the hang of things!

It was kind of weird…and gross to blow eggs out. But it will be worth it tomorrow! Pictures to come!
I hope everyone is having a wacky-tacky Saturday!

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