my heart is at the park

I woke up this morning feeling pretty lame. I stayed in bed way longer than I should have. The morning was not looking so bright for me. Luckily I know a place that can cure me 100% when I am feeling down. Phewf!!

About six blocks away from my house, or a 15-20min walk down Young Ave. is Point Pleasant Park. I remember the first time I discovered it. It was a long 4 years after my arrival in this city. I felt like such a fool!! I had been living downtown for years and never knew that there existed a beautiful little sanctuary to the South! It felt pretty magical the first time I walked through the massive park. I had found a little escape from the city! I’ve been walking there almost every day lately.
Today I took my camera, and as usual I found a million beautiful things to look at and photograph. I got to smile at so many friendly doggies too! One even wanted me to pet him! Bonus!

Here are some pics from my morning walk…

a few little birds I drew…

potato…in a perfect sunbeam. For some reason that giant slice of sun reminded me of David Bowie..

OK….lesson learned. In a funk? Find a park. The END.

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