Lazy Sun

Another lazy Sunday passing me by.
Today most of what I accomplished involved cleaning. I did a bit of research into Ukrainian Eggs or Pysanky, and decided to get the ol’ CCC (Christmas Craft Collective, now temporarily called ECC, Easter Craft Collective) back together for some egg decorating and sandwich eating next Sunday. I am really excited! I haven’t made Ukrainian eggs since I was a kid but I remember it being awesome. It’s amazing how detailed and geometrically perfect they can be! I’m sure mine won’t look anything like what they are supposed to..but it will be really fun to try!

Inspired by the eggs I created these little Easter bird drawings…they’ll be made into watercolours very SOON! I am going to see if I can scavenge for some old frames at the salvation army to put the watercolours in. Maybe in hopes that someone might want to buy a few! I’m trying to raise some money for a couple of trips!!

and..some lazy Sunday pics…

some pretty little mums my sis gave me this week for good cheer! I think They worked!

I have a collection of dried flowers in the studio window. This is my Hydrangea.


Did I ever tell you that I have an obession with shadows? I find some pretty good ones in my house.

and maybe I’ll follow potato’s lead and take a little late afternoon nap. Shawn has already started without me!!
I hope everyone is having a lovely little Sunny Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Sun

  1. CUTE! Potato knows how to make the best of a sunny Sunday afternoon… I did the same 😛 Fell asleep reading in a sunbeam on my couch! the best.

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