I love taking pictures. Especially around this time of year.

I haven’t had a real chance to take out my camera and shoot yet, but I think once things start growing I will!
When I take a look at the giant collection of digital pictures that I have taken over the years, I see that what I really love to shoot is things that grow! I love photographing plants, flowers, and creatures. These are the things I get really pumped about when spring and summer arrive. Nothing beats visiting a green house or a beautiful garden. I can’t get enough!
These pictures are from past summers…

So many of my best memories are of visits to different towns right here in NS. Even though I haven’t traveled much, I feel like the East Coast has got to be one of the most beautiful places in summertime and in fall. I love it here. This is a picture from Lunnenburg. Dreamy…

This picture to me looks so otherworldly…almost like it’s straight out of a Dr. Suess book. Magical plants and herbs grow at the Tangled Garden! Visit them someday. You won’t regret it! It is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.

Sometimes if you take a really close look in your own backyard, or in this case, your own flower boxes! You will find some amazing little microscopic worlds living there. This image still inspires me today and it was taken almost two years ago! It makes me think of my tiny little landscape watercolours. I live for things like this.

If you know me, you know I love flowers. If you have a few spare bucks, then you should go down to the market and pick up a few stems. It’s a special feeling to have a little piece of natures artwork in your house to enjoy! When spring hits I go crazy for tulips. They seem extra special to me (as well as Dahlia’s) because they are hard to find after the season is out! You have to enjoy them while you can, and then pine after them all winter long.

…I love succulents. I have a huge plant collection in my apartment. Sometimes I just fall for a little plant and I have to make him mine. Is it so wrong? It’s nice to have plants to care for and watch grow!

…I also love doggies. This doggy is mine, but she is at home in Ontario. She is VERY old, and doesn’t move so well anymore. I have been trying to get pictures of her for years but she is really camera shy! I love this picture though. It reminds me of a very loved teddy bear.

I hope everyone has a very happy and sunny weekend ahead!

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  1. Oh how I love Nova Scotia 🙂 I am taking a trip through at the end of the Summer, through the South Shore and such. It will be amazing. I love your pictures, and your puppy makes me want to stick my face in his fur!

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