so…in case you didn’t know already…art is hard.

Actually…I haven’t sat down in over a week to make anything. I tried to the other day and what came out was a pretty lame attempt, which left me feeling pretty disappointed.

I’ve concluded that I was disappointed because I made something that to me, wasn’t worth anything. Maybe I was sad because I spent a bit of time on something that wouldn’t get me anywhere. I couldn’t sell it.

I really struggle with money, and art. And combine the two and things get pretty tricky. I used to make art for fun. Now I feel like because I need money, I make art, and hope that later I can sell it. When it doesn’t go anywhere I feel disappointed. When I make bad art I feel like maybe I should just get a second job!

It makes me sad to think how hard it is to get it out of my skull that I need to make art for me. It’s a big part of who I am and I have abandoned it for a long time. I  have now returned to it feeling more confused than ever! Making art can be such a roller coaster ride.

Anyways..I will save you the starving artist speech…..Check out this Richard Serra vid. I love this guy. I caught this interview one night a few years ago when I was living on PEI. Everything he said just made sense. For me this little clip is a reminder that you can’t know until you try. You can’t fail, or succeed until you build it, complete it, and take a look and see what’s come out of everything. In his case we are talking zillions of dollars lost for a piece he didn’t like!

Serra creates massive steel sculptures that you can walk into and around and experience! I hope I encounter one some day.

It’s so bright and sunny here…I did manage to take a giant park walk today, and I saw a million doggies who cheered me up.

I hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday!

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