I was thinking today about bad art. In my research, I found that there is even a MOBA (museum of bad art)  with a location in Boston and in Somerville, MA.

So what makes some art bad and some good? I always wondered. I think good art takes heart, and time. It’s not like you can sit down and make a list of what qualities constitute GOOD art. It’s something that happens when you look at a work. You just know. It’s more like a feeling you get when you see it. Sometimes I wonder too if it takes a certain understanding about art.

The more art you see, and the more you know, the  more you have to compare other pieces with. You can say OH this painting of a poppy is not as good as that one over there, and you have your reasons. Sometimes the reasons are about technique. Sometimes they are purely based on taste. I bet mostly it is a mix of both.

Then again there are lots of famous artists out there who create work that looks like it required little technical skill. Modern art really made things confusing huh? It’s no more about technical skill than it is about concept. The idea is king! You don’t have to be a pro at painting or drawing to be an artist anymore.

So I was looking up some images of some generic wal-mart art. I’m not criticizing, because I know an original artwork can be really costly, and this is a cheap alternative to decorating your home. Although one way to find good deals on artwork is to find a local artist, an emerging artist or (even cheaper) an art student and ask them if they are taking commissions! Usually I bet they will! (I will!!…just fyi)

what cracks me up the most about these prints are the captions that come with them on the website. They are hilarious! Check these out:

This beautiful print displays a dandelion surrounded by a modern color palette of blue and brown. Simple and stylish, this print is complimented by double matting in mojave and a sleek brown frame.

What is Mojave? Has anyone ever heard of that colour? Maybe I am out of touch. At least the colour palette is a modern blue and brown! It will go perfect with my new couch!

This abstract piece entitled Splash is bold and striking and with its elegant framing, it will bring a little bit of the gallery into your home.

This looks alot like my first and last attempt at printmaking….Great title though. I’m sure it will make a real splash at my next dinner party!

Poppies are called Poppies for a reason: they pop out of the frame and into the room. These Pro Tour Memorabilia Floral Poppies Canvas prints are the perfect size and color to fit into any room.

OHhhh! So THAT’S what why they are called poppies!!!


“Warmth” is wall decor with a contemporary feel. Brushes of bold color that enliven any room.

I…don’t see anything bold about this print….at all. It’s pretty square if you ask me.

Hmm..must be another manic Monday.

now off to make some bad art of my own!

2 thoughts on “walmART

  1. I LOVE sarcastic and cynical Bree!
    I actually laughed out loud numerous times. I still am laughing.
    I seriously dislike those prints too.
    Thank you for this.

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