I love illustraion

Surfing around this morning still in my pjs at 10:42 am. Ack! I need to get a grip! It’s practically spring! I should be springing out of bed!

I was searching around for images of illustrations by Adrian Tomine. I’ve seen his books in the comic shop before, and I always admire the covers and the drawings inside. I am going to pick up one his books someday soon. It’s nice to have a new comic to kick off springtimes! His website is great too!

I was trying to remember the name of a really great illustrator I had also discovered at Strange Adventures (visit if you are near/around Halifax!). I never figured out her name, but I did come across this lady in the process. She is a French illustrator named Aurelie Guillerey. She has an adorable style and website!

ack! too cute!!! I also came across these lovely illustrations by a lady named Caitlin Shearer. She has a lovely blog!

I’ve always been so jealous of people who are really gooood at illustration. It’s so appealing to me. I wish I had maybe taken some illustration classes in art school…but I went for painting and photo all the way instead. I’m not sure that my imagination is wild enough yet to be really good at it. I just find illustrations so beautiful. I hope you enjoyed!
Time to get out of my pj’s and get to work!!


2 thoughts on “I love illustraion

  1. I think your very wild imagination is one of your greatest strengths!

    Thanks for sharing all these links too.

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