unsuspecting art lover and a few other details…

Comment ca va?

Another Mexican Wednesday is upon us. For the last while Shawn and I have been hosting Mexican Wednesday at our house. We basically eat our faces off and watch a disgusting amount of television with a pile of our friends. Too bad I have to work tonight! I will be home juuust in time for television!

Anyways…getting back on track here….this is an art blog after all!

Today I ended up whipping up a quick drawing of a giant storm cell. Apparently these crazy walls of lightening, hail, rain, wind, and thunder can occur anywhere! They just need the right atmosphere! It is basically all kinds of bad wrapped up in one giant suction looking cloud. I hope one never comes anywhere near my house.

I am trying to work out some ideas on a larger scale, do some quick studies and sketches and then maybe go back into doing some with watercolour. I am going to get back into drawing some more buildings too hopefully this week. I’d love to do those in watercolour aswell! Lots of work ahead.

I also managed to clean out a little corner of my studio. Potato decided to help by rolling around on a pile of drawings. She loves art.

I like to hang lots of things on the walls in my studio. Usually I put up recent work all together in sort of a collage. I used to do this in my studio at school too. It’s nice to see everything together. I also hang images that I like for colour  inspiration. Right now I have a few big images from a Tom Thompson calandar hanging around. Did I mention that I LOVE the group of seven? Love.

I came across these amazing photographs today. I know they sort of clash with my storm and destruction theme…..They are called X-Ray photographs. I can’t decide weather they are really cheesy or beautiful. I found most of the images from those online print shops that sells posters etc. which is maybe why I don’t know exactly what to think of them. There weren’t really any good websites for these types of photographers either. What do you think? Maybe it’s like the kind of thing you’d buy at winners? I am really into flowers so they appeal big time to me! The images are so delicate. There are a pile of different photographers who make images like this:

These two are by Steven Meyers.
That’s it for today!
Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “unsuspecting art lover and a few other details…

  1. great work,as always. i wish i was attending these damn mexican wednesdays. nadz and i managed to have an Oscar fish burrito night, we’ve got a long way to go!

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