it is time for stormy weather

I spent a good chunk of yesterday researching clouds, and storms, and disasters. You know…fun, cozy thoughts for a Sunday afternoon.

mammatus clouds....yes! they are real!

I came across some pretty amazing cloud formations, and an equally awesome artist named Alex Lukas. He paints/draws landscapes that have been abandoned by human beings, and have been left to mother nature’s own devices. All of the landscapes I’ve looked at by him have some element of human beings having inhabited the spaces. I think it’s a neat idea…I love nature vs. man made. I love watching nature take over spaces too, and reclaim them. Check out his website to learn more about him and his work!
I am seriously addicted to looking at these paintings. So cool! Many of his works are cities submerged underwater. I love the shapes that the very tops of the buildings make. Like little geometric islands.

I also ended up watching the David Suzuki movie last night, which just made me think of these paintings and the recent disaster in Japan. I’d recommend watching this movie, it has a great message, and I love the way he talks about his life and death…and of course the main message about taking better care of our earth. He reminded me that we are a part of the earth, as much as the trees and the rivers, and that whatever we do to the earth comes directly back to us and our bodies, and effects our lives and our own heath, as well as the health of the earth!

So…I did a little bit of work today. Not sure how much I like this painting. It’s about double the size of the one’s I’ve been making lately. I might roll out a big peice of Fabriano in a minute and work on something MUCH larger scale. I think it’s time to let loose a little and see what happens on the paper, then maybe go back and see what I get.

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