disaster place

I am low on patience and energy today for some reason but I did manage to sit down for a bit and paint a little disaster. I think I will work with this idea and see what comes up. I am going to start a larger scale watercolor from some of my building sketches as well. Should be a challenging week ahead seeing as I am not really used to painting so technically. It will be a test of my patience that’s for sure! Sometimes I forget how easy it is to get into things like that though. We’ll see how it goes! I think things are starting to roll along a little more smooooothly.

My sister introduced me to a new artist this week named Alex Mcleod. He also creates his own imaginary spaces, but his are three dimensional. He takes photographs of his spaces and displays the pictures. I love how he uses colour and shape (drips!!) to create a painterly feel in his sculpted landscapes. Check out his website!

my little landscape….

c’est tout! Hopefully I will have a productive few days off of work!
Happy Saturday!

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