the distance between me and my memories

I’ve developed an obsession with taking a “drive” on google satellite maps. I’ve been driving around towns I used to live in as a kid. Maybe first I’ll write a little background story:

I was born in Northern Ontario in a little town called Kirkland Lake. If I remember correctly I only spent about 4-5 years there, and then we moved to Sudburry which I hardly have any memories of. I don’t remember the houses or the streets or anything ,but I do remember Kirkland Lake. We spent more time in KL,  and we didn’t stay long in Sudburry. Later we moved to Whitby which is where my parents still live, and so that is the place I remember best out of all the places I live, except for where I live now of course.

We would go back and visit family in KL, but I haven’t been back since my grandfather died when I was eleven. My last memory of KL was going through my grandfather’s house down the hill by the train tracks, and picking out a few of his possessions that I decided I wanted to hold on to.

But it was weird, driving around on google satelite. If I tried to remember the town on my own, there is no way. I could remember a few details but everything is pretty foggy. I remember more the feeling of the place than the buildings and parks. I remember the houses of family members and a few corner stores we used to visit. While “driving” around it was as though I almost knew exactly where I was going and where everything was supposed to be. It all came back to me! I found old places I used to visit, and people’s houses. It looks like alot of it has stayed the same over the years.

The only reason I can figure out why I am suddenly so fascinated by these places is that I keep having dreams where I am in places in my past. It seems like another lifetime ago, and it makes me think about the places we go, and the places we end up staying in for a little while, or the places we choose to stay in for good.  It reminds me how I usually tend to cling to the old and reject the new. I take comfort in things that remain the same. I hate when buildings are town down. I feel like a part of me goes with the place when it goes down. An Era ends. Especially when you have a connection to it.

I’ve been drawing alot of little imaginary landscapes, and today I drew a real life one! Yesterday I took about a zillion screenshots on my computer and cropped them all down so I could create a slideshow of Kirkland Lake. I’m now working on some drawings of the buildings. I am fascinated by every single picture! I feel so far away from that place now and it will continue to grow further and further away in time, but it is still such a part of who I am.

I have never been into technical drawings..especially perspective drawings, but I loved doing this one. It makes such a difference when you are drawing something that is so significant to you than just forcing yourself to draw whatever. I feel like I am on the right path here!
Happy Wednesday! 🙂

it's very crooked, but not bad for my first perspective drawing in oh...5 years?

2 thoughts on “the distance between me and my memories

  1. this building piece is amazing, ~ it took my breath away! and, the blog revamp looks freaking awesome, too woman! keep up the bree badass ness. (i made up that sentance…)

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