playing god

Bon Lundi mes amis!
I had the whole day to myself today and I spent a good chunk of it drawing and messing around with my watercolours. I feel like over the past couple of days I’ve begun feel a little lost. I’ve been trying not to think about anything too much and just sit down and get to work!  I’ve been painting alot of little animals and I’ve enjoyed painting them, but lately I’ve been unsure of where it’s all going. I decided to switch things up today and just mess around with my pencils and paints.

Experimentation was the theme today but I did start the day by sketching out some animals, and bear fights, and bear hugs.

and then I got bored and decided I would go sit at my art desk where I belong instead of sitting on google searching for  images of elephants and bears. I ended up painting some strange little landscapes. I got pretty into it. It was fun to play god and create tiny imaginary places. I love experimenting with colour too. This little landscape was inspired by a recent drive to PEI at sunset. The colours blew my mind.

It’s not really a coincidence that these weird little paintings came about today. I didn’t realize it until after I had finished these that I have made drawings like this before! One summer I was really inspired by all the tiny little plants growing in giant beds of moss in all of my flower boxes. I love the idea of tiny little worlds and words that are so tiny we can’t see them! There are little worlds all over this big world!

I had a fun doing something different. Goal accomplished!

Yesterday I found this beautiful little surprise living on a plant that I adopted about two years ago. They are so beautiful I thought they were fake at first, but when I took a closer look…

they are real! Beautiful little pink stars. There is only one like this on the whole plant! It has never bloomed in the two years I’ve had it, and then one day I looked at it and there they were! I usually take things like this as a sign of good things to come.

such a happy monday!

8 thoughts on “playing god

  1. wow! those flowers are amazing! i love them. I like the little watercolour landscapes. Neat lines in them and patterns. I saw some really detailed drawings at the AGNES yesterday that reminded me of how much you can do with lines and patterns. I think i need to do some work with that idea in mind! I like your colour combo too, kind of like winter meeting spring! Maybe you should put your animals into your imagined landscapes!? might be cool non?

  2. That landscape is just awesome !!
    What I would give to take a step into that imaginary landscape 🙂 Thanks to you I have!

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