reverse trompe l’oeil!?

So I came across this pretty amazing artist in search for some portraiture. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did find this!
Just a portrait painting? Think again!!

Alexa Meade is a 20something american artist who paints ON people and objects and puts them against a painted scene. The model in the image above is a live painting. How cool is that? I couldn’t even put it together when I saw this image. I thought maybe it was a three dimensional painting, and it is! But I had no clue that the models were live people. Meade has no formal painting training…which I find amazing because she obviously knows her way around a pallet! Check out her website!

Meade is definately playing with the idea of what a still life is. Her work has been described as reverse trompe l’oeil. She basically covers these people in acrylic paint and then photographs them. The end result is a picture that looks exactly like a painting…and I guess it is sort of both!
It is so crazy that it just makes sense.
Wishing everyone a good week ahead!


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