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Bon Weekend! It’s so springy in Halifax today! I started to spring clean! I now have a stack of magazine that stands about 1.5 ft tall. Anyone want any? I don’t really take pleasure in rummaging through piles of junk I’ve collected over the year, but I do enjoy the feeling after I’m done! Plus cleaning up usually means a trip down memory lane. I found greeting cards, old books, resumes, crafts, and a little pile of old sketchbooks. I think the earliest one is from my first year here in NS at school.

It’s funny…I guess a sketchbook is alot like a diary in a way. It’s weird to see what I used to doodle and write vs. what I doodle and write now (which is minimal compared to how much I used to!). I feel like pre art school I drew alot of really bizzaro things. They weren’t amazing or anything, but even looking back now I think that they are pretty interesting and creative. Sometimes I wonder if I lost some part of me in art school. I don’t draw like I used to. I feel like once I started to be critiqued I put certain standards on myself and my art. Sometimes I found it creatively crippling, and other times it was inspiring. It’s invaluable to hear others opinions about your work. The conversations are as much a part of the art as the work itself. But sometimes I feel like I may have gotten so caught up in it all that I wasn’t producing what I should have been!

a little pile of old sketchbooks

the first drawing of the hibou qui scrump!

this is probably...from aprox. 6 years ago. Shawn sleeping.

potato sleeping. From the summer I lived in PEI...maybe 3/4 years ago.

a later drawing of Shawn

a secret sketch from a studio critique. This lady was a classmate.

ALSO! I got this little package yesterday! I was so excited!! I ordered a Stray Kitties tote from my friend Jei Jei and here it is!! Please check out her blog and her etsy shop! Etsy Shop! and  Stray Kitties Blog!

Ok peace out! Happy Weekend!

3 thoughts on “old news

  1. It’s funny to see all of those sketch clippings. I’ve still got a box full of stuff clipped from scribblers from high school from me and my friends. I need to do something with those someday.

  2. Oh man, can I ever relate to that feeling! Being a bit drained of spontaneity or something. I also still have my giant collection of notes–including yours!–looking for a way to be put to use.

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