everything you do, everything you own

good afternoon little birds,

I hope everyone has been having an enjoyable week! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, I was away in PEI for a little while for a funeral. The drive there was so beautiful. I know winter isn’t everyone’s favourite time but nothing beats a wintery sunset on a clear day. The colours made my heart melt. The blues and deep reds and browns against the pure white of the snow. It reminded my how much I love the group of seven. Sometimes everything looks like a painting to me.

So it wasn’t the best of weeks, but it’s almost over now. It really got me thinking about the things people choose to own, and the things people choose to keep versus the things we keep for a little while then give away or throw out. It’s really interesting to me. It’s strange too all those things we have….where do they end up once we are gone? Into the home of a loved one? Straight to value village? lost in a dumpster somewhere? Most objects can stand the test of time.

It’s funny too how everything you own has a history and a reason behind it. Maybe it reminds you of someone, or maybe it was a gift for your birthday from a certain person, maybe you have it because you needed it and it was free! (like most of my furniture). Some things we have out of necessity, and some things are just to help us make wherever we are living feel like our own home.

Ok so..enough chattering….today I drew and made a watercolour of a can of sardines. I am thinking about things that I do, and things that I have and why I have them/use them/eat them. Sardines and I have a long history….When I think back, my father was the first person to ever share a can of sardines with me. I loved them. I don’t know many other people in my life who love to sit down and eat a can of sardines. My mom  hates them. Whenever we would eat a can, she would make us brush our teeth and get rid of the can immediately. She hated the smell!  my boyfriend hates them for the same reasons. In fact there are only a few special people in my life who will share a can with me today! My sister and Dad will eat sardines, and my best friend loves them too. So that is my sardine lineage. I love the idea that select people who I hold dear to my heart are the few that will sit down to eat a can of smelly little fish. It’s great!

Well…here’s the work! I’m not in love with my watercolour…I’ll have to work on some more fish. I love how reflective they are. Next time I might try to use a real model. Maybe when Shawn is out of the house for a bit.

Happy Thursday!

10 thoughts on “everything you do, everything you own

  1. I love this reflection and your timing is so funny. Just yesterday on the streetcar I was thinking about some of those little things I have, and if I’ll have them for the rest of my life and what will happen to them when I’m gone. From a small sculpture someone carved for me from a mussel shell, or a lock of hair tied with a thread I’ve had for a few years. My collection of mugs. Some of these things might suggest a significant memory or event to anybody who finds them, or a personality, but couldn’t really reveal any meaning beyond this impression. And who will draw with those coloured pencils when you don’t anymore? A curious child, somebody on the phone who needs to write something down in a hurry with only a green pencil within reach, somebody sending a long-overdue birthday card…

    The memories of our actions have a similar quality. What days we remember, the conversations we don’t realize we’ve forgotten versus the ones that stay with us, how a walk home today feels different from the one last week and why both of them have a meaning of their own.

    I love these new little drawings. I have several memories of you and your sardines! I will always associate Bryanna and sardines 🙂 Thanks for sharing your sardine story with us, and your work and, of course, all your thoughtful ruminating! It always sticks with me!

  2. I totally get what you are saying here. And I think it’s funny how you referred to the readers of this post as birds, because birds collect out of necessity for survival and to create new life. Humans collect out of necessity to survive, but also for the survival of memories. I really enjoy the comparison of a bird’s nest protecting eggs, to that of a human nest of memories contained in objects that surround and protect the person who lives among them! WOW i hope that makes sense somehow 😛 anyways, I think this is a super interesting subject! I want to eat sardines so bad now though 😦 yumm

  3. i don’t have an incredible intellectual artist statement in response to the statements above, made wit hlove and much thought.
    however, i would just like to note the time when nadz ate sardines @ the flower shop for lunch and i tried not to barf or say anything and 3 hours later finally mentioned the horrendous smell i had been dealing with, and hoped someone would be able to identify it. after searching high and low… i found cette culprit: empty can o sards in the gbage can.
    worst smell to date i can remember.
    i don’t allow gabe to eat them when i’m home for this very reason.
    he buys the portuguese ones, which i am convinced, are even worse than i could ever recall from the others.
    the drawing, however is amazing. bree chap, you da man.
    but, maybe sardines will one day repulse you both the way they do me, and the mother of twins.until that day?

    • HAHA! Actually that whole thing crossed my mind while I was painting away. Haha So many good sardine moments in my life. That one tops it though.

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