snazzy bears

OH! It’s Saturday again already! The weeks are flying by!
This week I managed to make a birthday card for my dad…I don’t think he reads my blog, so I think it is safe to let everyone else see. I also juuust finished another little painting of an ourson. I am obsessed! This little bear looks like she is singing a show tune, or she might just be about to rip your head off…could go either way.

I know I’ve said it 800 times already, but I am so PLEASED with my new watercolours. I feel like I have found where I belong. Me and my little set are getting along so great. We are real pals! I am really excited about this latest bear painting in particular. I think I am really starting to get the hang of these lovely little paints.

Recently I have been obsessively watching Blue Planet and I find myself endlessly amazed and inspired by all of the beautiful and mysterious sea creatures. My all time favourites still remain the leafy sea dragon and of course the blue whale. I just really want to live in the ocean. Even just for one day! If you haven’t seen this series…go rent it, or borrow it from the lib. Do it!

Happy weekend!

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