calling mr. sun

Hey cats…hope your week is going smoothly. It’s almost more than halfway over!
I haven’t been sketching much this week YET…I’ve been hard at work serving sushi for a few days, and so today I decided to go spend a little of my hard earned cash and took a trip to the mall that lasted most of the afternoon. I did end up making a stop down to the Argyle Fine Arts new location on Barrington St. to check out the yorodeo show called 3D Realms. It’s totally amaaazing! It’s so much fun to see, I recommend you go if you are around town one day. It’s a collection of awesome 3D prints, so of course you have to put on the glasses..what a total experience! I loved all of the prints too…unfortunately I am too low on funding to buy any artwork, but if I could have, I would have! If you haven’t seen yorodeo’s work you can find them on facebook, annnd…I did find this old blog which has a pile of poster and album work that is fun to look at –> YORODEO!s .

Well..that’s it, that’s all. I am calling on mr. sun to please shine down on us…because I am very anxious for spring like most everyone else probably is. Here are some images I found that reminded me of springtime! Enjoy!

awesome artwork by Martin O'Neil!

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