the wait is almost over I promise!

I think spring is in there air. Maybe I am a little premature, and there will probably be more snow (quite possibly in april) but this morning when I got up with the birds, they were all over the place!! If anyone knows spring is coming it’s them. They have been extra cheery and noisy lately. I love it! Me and little potato were up at 7 am watching them together. Nothing better than caching the sunrise on your day off. Unfortunately the sun didn’t last long today, which makes it a great day for listening to Radiohead’s newest album King of Limbs. I listened twice while painting this morning and it is perfection as usual. Now I am on another full day Radiohead bender!

Well…I guess this brings us to the painting portion of the blog. This is what I made today…I redid the little robin in the spoon, and made up my own little poem to back him up. I’m thinking books these days…..we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep chipping away, and chirping away. Notice the difference the new watercolours make too. Crazy. I love them so much!
Happy Vendredi!

2 thoughts on “the wait is almost over I promise!

  1. Wonderful!
    Everything is changing outside here too. I think we will be dropping below zero again soon but we have had a run of mild, sunny days. The sunshine has been so warm and welcome, I can feel the blood in my heart running differently. I’m really looking forward to spring this year. More than ever!

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