finally! A decent watercolour!!

So I wasn’t very impressed by my last few attempts at watercolour. The set I bought was super cheap, and although I had a ton of fun using them, they just weren’t cutting it. Colours were drab, and when the paintings were dry everything sort of faded away. I knew in my heart that I had rediscovered watercolours for the better though, so today I took a stroll down to the art store with my newly earned paycheque and spend a good little chunk of money on a decent set! Needless to say, fifty bucks and two hours later I have finally made a painting that I am pleased with! This one is going straight to Ontario to my little sis who is a ballerina, and has just fractured her ankle! Poor kidlet! She has an Owl fixation, and I know she will appreciate this little painting more than anyone I know! (Hannah if you are reading this, SURPRISE!! It’s on it’s way!!)
So the moral of the story is… get what you pay for. Also, it’s usually worth it to splurge on something that will bring you lots and lots of happiness (I’m not talking shoes here).
Happy Watercolour Wednesay!


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