my latest attempt at watercolours

…not sure if I’m into this one, but hey you win some you lose some.  I can say this is the first little finished thing I’ve made in a long time. Shawn likes it alot, but I think there is something about the colours, or the setting…..that isn’t really that flattering. It just isn’t good enough!!
I thought I’d post er’ anyways…seeing as it’s all part of the bigger picture.

It reminds me of what an old high school art teacher said once while we were working on our photography unit “you’ve got to take 100 bad photographs to get one really good shot” (which is usually so true by the way). I think it’s the same when artworking. You gotta art work your way through the sludge.

What I do like about this little painting is that while I was making it was I super excited and felt really good connection to this medium that I hadn’t used since highschool. I’m totally digging the watercolours. It’s a good compromise for me because it’s almost like you are drawing and painting at once. If nothing else, I had fun making it!

Do you ever think it’s totally neverendingly intriguing that  if you practice, and practice, you will continually get better and better? It’s so simple and amazing that I can’t believe it’s true! Human beings are so capable! So if you are feeling discouraged this weekend keep this in mind.

sending out encouraging vibes! Enjoy your Sunday leftovers!

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