Love for furry creatures

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday. I am trying to squeeze in this post right before I am off for a little Superbowl weekend retreat. Much needed time away from the city, and our noisy neighbors who kept me up all night.
I haven’t done as much drawing this week as I wished to…that seems to be the way it goes. Since I’ve started this blog I’ve definatley been working waaay more than before, which is really exciting. I feel like I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. It’s extremely hard to pick up where you left off (if it’s even possible) once you’ve taken a little hiatus from producing work. I see that I’ve woken up and landed in a completley new spot, but it’s exciting! Change is good! It’s nice to be inspired again.

Anyways…I haven’t done any painting at all this week…just more studies. Here are a few more animal drawings to feast your eyes on. I am really into the bunnies…and I have some ideas for the bears too. You’ll see in time!

Happy Weekend cats! 

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