spooky stuff

It’s not an ideal day in Halifax to post some spooky images…It’s nice and sunny, tons of snow to play in!

I’ve been working hard on studies of a variety of animals. I had a creepy dream the other night which I think was a result of my finishing the Animal Manifesto book that I mentioned before. Basically, animals took over the town in some kind of rage. I don’t blame them! There was much more, it was very detailed and long, but I won’t go into it here. I did end up waking up at 6 am with non stop ideas for drawings and paintings, and even movies. It’s funny how a dream can affect you so much.

Anyways..in the spirit of spooky….here are some photographs taken by Diane Arbus, an American photographer (no longer living), who managed to have an eye for people who would be deemed “ugly” or “creepy” by society. There is actually a very strange movie that is known as an “imaginary portrait” of Diane Arbus called Fur staring Nicole Kidman. I caught it on tv laaate one night when I was sick and it freaked me out.

I hope everyone had a happy snow day yesterday! Go make a snowman!

One thought on “spooky stuff

  1. I love/ hate that “Fur” movie! It is sooooo weird. However, it did introduce me to Arbus and I do really like her stuff. YAY!

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