Schiele vs. Yemchuck

I love coming across works that directly relate to the work of someone else. I think in this case it’s pretty clear that photographer Yelena Yemchuck took inspiration from artist Egon Schiele. I think it works great in the photographs…she manages to pull of the same creepy vibes, and I love how she incorporated drawing into this photo shoot. If you are/were a big Smashing Pumpkins fan, and remember the photo’s done for Adore…then you are probably familiar with Yemchuck. She has a really unique style that I appreciate. Somehow she manages to put a time warp on everything she photographs.

I don’t know much about Schiele. He has a really nice way with lines. For the most part he drew figures, usually from strange perspectives and used minimal amount of colour. I love his drawings, I love the eerie vibes. Anyways…I also love comparing things, so here it is. Scheile VS Yemchuck!

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