a little picasso magic

I’ve been thinking alot recently about this video that I came across in University called The Mystery of Picasso. Its not everyday they you get to see a master at work! I find it really fascinating to watch Picasso work in front of the camera. He knows exactly what he is doing here, its almost like he is composing a song. Every mark becomes part of the bigger picture. It’s kind of metaphoric the way he works.

This might be a little far off, but it reminds of the same fascination I had for Mr. Dressup when I was a kid. The way he could sit down at his drawing table and create an image in a matter of seconds, and with such ease! I remember it being very inspirational and magical.

It’s crazy…what kind of connection is there between the brain, to the pencil, to the paper to the public? Think about it folks!
I hope you had an inspiring Mondee!

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