Do you know Audubon?

He was a Frenchman who lived around the late 17 to mid 1800’s. He made amazing and beautiful animal studies like never seen before. The first time I ever saw his work was in an old National Geographic. I had been collecting a million copies when I was in my last few years at school for the imagery, and for some colour inspiration. I loved what I saw. I always admired illustrations that are so full of perfect shapes and colours. The details are amazing! I can just imagine the intensity at which he studied. Its pretty crazy, and I love it.

I think what also inspired this post is a book I’ve been reading called The Animal Manifesto. Its pretty neat. If you are a lover of our furry friends you should check it out. I appreciate the author’s passion for animals and the environment. What I really love is that it is packed full of amazing facts about animal thoughts and feelings…and all kinds of things I never really thought about before. I found my copy at the library….you probably can too!

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