retro toons

I came across these really nifty illustrations by Mary Blair. She used to work for Disney…and from what I read her style was really influential in several Disney films. I really love this retro style. I love the colours and the kookiness of it all. Its fun to look at, and it reminds me to loosen up a bit when I’m doodling. Eventually I will post some of my own doodles up, but right now I am a little blog shy. I’ll warm up though I promise. For now, enjoy some of Mary’s work!

One thought on “retro toons

  1. Hello!
    How I am not finding out about this little gem till now!?
    The gem being your blog. Although I do very much enjoy Ms. Blair’s work!
    I have a Christmas book that I think you would love, as it too has all kinds of this retro art.
    What’s with the mean cat in the rocking chair. I think it’s moo.

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