A few nights ago when I couldn’t sleep I wound up on the couch going through a tiny book of 20th C art. Its full of images of paintings, photography, sculpture, installation. Alot of the names and images were people I’d learned about in school…but I’d forgotten about so many of them! I found myself saying “OH YEAH! THAT GUY!!” “I FORGOT ABOUT THIS PAINTING! I LOVE IT!”..its funny how once you are out of that kind of a setting its easy to lose track of all of the information you sucked in over four years. It actually surprised me how most of the artists in the books were people I was familiar with. So today I was racking my brains trying to remember this one painter who is hard to find any info on. All I could remember was that he was an amazing nude portrait painter. Finally after searching for fifteen minutes (thank god for Google) I found him. Euan Uglow. Anyone remember him? I loved life drawing class in school, and his work always inspired me. Its pretty bold and simple, but he is dead on in his colour and form. I love it! I hope you enjoy too.
PS-I am thinking I am going to sign up for a cont. ed. life drawing course. I miss it so much!


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