Clean up time, clean up time

The one major thing I wanted to accomplish today was to clean off my poor suffocating art desk. Mission accomplished!

Let me tell you a bit about my little art desk while we’re on the topic. It has a nice little story.

I’ve been through a few different studio spaces in my young life…most of them were at school. These spaces were usually pretty crammed and small, but we all got an easel and a desk (or TWO if you were lucky) and basically we could do whatever we wanted in those spaces with the exception of a few ground rules. For the most part I did painting and drawing so I never had any major problems with the spaces I was given. When I graduated, like most people, I was pretty broke! I was bummed that I wouldn’t have my own studio anymore. I definatley couldn’t afford to rent out a space, so as usual, I had to make do with what I had. I set up a corner in my bedroom, and used a table that had been left behind from the previous tenants as a desk. I set up a little space and it worked just great!

That spring Shawn and I finally moved into our own little place in the south end of Halifax. Its lovely, but I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to accommodate my art supplies, and make room for myself to work. Once again…I was feeling a little blue. How could I work with no studio space!? That summer we ended up moving all of our dining room furniture outside onto the deck so that we could eat our meals outside. It left a huge space in the kitchen where the table and chairs used to be. I decided that I would use that space as a studio, and try to seek out an art desk so that I could set up my space. Fortunately this was just around the time that all of the university students were moving back home for the summer. This is actually one of my favourite times of year because they put soooo much good stuff to the curb. My friends and I usually go scouting at night for new furnishings. Anyways…I had been on the look out for a WHILE for this dream art desk. We went out a couple of times to see what we could find but nothing seemed to suit my needs! It had to be fairly large, with lots of surface area. It had to be pretty sturdy too!

One morning I woke up pretty early…(if I remember correctly) and I spotted the most perfect desk across the street from my house, just waiting to be picked up. I got Shawn up to help me ( I think we were still unshowered and in PJS). We lugged the big table to our door only to discover that there was no chance that it was going to fit through the three doors that lead to our place. Again…I was disappointed. BUT if you know me…I don’t give up easily on these kinds of things. The fact was that I NEEDED this table. I had to find a way to make it work!

So we brought the table around back, and I was trying to figure out if we could hoist it up onto the deck…not a chance. Shawn isn’t 10 ft. tall, and I am not strong enough to lift a table up onto my deck alone. I decided to take off one of the legs that was already a little unstable, then unscrewed the other. I knew this would work. We brought it back up the hill, and wedged it through all three doors. You have no idea how happy I was. I finally had an desk of my own to work on!! I was so pleased! I immediately started to set up shop so that I could get to work.

Since then the space has served me well, but I think I’ve started to take it for granted. Because I’m not working as much as I’d like to, the desk often ends up as the dumping zone for crap we don’t know what to do with. Obviously if I had working going on all the time on that desk, it would be less likely that we would pile all of our unknowns on top. So today I decided to clear it all off and start all over again. I made a list of some small items that I’d like to purchase to make the space work better for me. Today I had to make do with what I have, but its nice to have that list so that when I can buy these little items, I will go out and make the purchase! Hopefully I can build my space up to be very inviting and exciting!

Now I do like to keep a bit of disorganization going on. I like having things around that inspire me…I like to have certain things out on the desk so I can just sit down and get to work. I’m sure its the same with most people’s studio spaces. I’d love to do a photo project some day and explore other people’s studio spaces. If you have any pictures of your space you should send them to me! I have a little obsession with checking out other people’s living/working spaces. I often tend to peer through windows and night to see how other people live. Creepy I know…but it has always fascinated me.

Well its time to get to work in my newly cleaned space! I bet it will have a positive effect not only on my mood but on my work too!

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